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Individual Defensive Players (IDP) is certainly not a format that is for the general public. Still, for those looking to expand their fantasy football horizons, it can be an excellent change of pace that adds excitement to the game. Not to mention, it means both sides of the ball are critical to fantasy. For fantasy managers who have just now dipped their feet into the IDP waters, it can be a confusing and overwhelming adventure. That’s where Green Dot Defenders comes in.

Green Dot Defenders takes a look at the players on each defense that wear the green dot on their helmets. Why would I care who wears the green dot you might be asking? Well, let’s dive right into it.

What Is a Green Dot Defender?

The green dot defender on each team functions as a defensive captain of sorts. The green dot indicates that they have the electronics in their helmets that allow them to communicate with the sideline to call plays for the defense. The reason the green dot is critical is because the green dot player tends to play all or the majority of the defensive snaps for their team. That’s half the battle in IDP leagues. Guaranteeing that your player will be on the field for more than 80% of the defensive snaps is an easy cheat code for ensuring IDP production.

I would compare the Green Dot advantage to the Konami Code advantage that a rushing quarterback adds. The second significance of the green dot is that it allows additional stability to the IDP positions that aren’t typically the most valued. The majority of the green dot players in the NFL are linebackers, and in a few rare cases, they are defensive backs. This can help make up the gap between the value of a linebacker and the value of a defensive lineman, which is traditionally king of the IDP scoring formats.

Who Wore It in 2023?

Below is a chart showing who the primary green dot player was in 2023. It also shows how many standard IDP scoring points they each totaled. It is important to note that except for a handful of players, all the healthy green dot players scored over 200 fantasy points which is a fantastic level of production. The green dot seems to be an obvious advantage for those who know about it.

2023 Green Dot Defenders

TeamGreen Dot DefenderFan PtsNotes
PatriotsJa'Whaun Bentley230
JetsCJ Mosley282
BillsTerrel Bernard337
DolphinsDuke Riley77
BrownsSione Takitaki143Plays for Patriots Now
BengalsLogan Wilson293
SteelersMyles Jack39 (INJ)Currently a Free Agent
RavensRoquan Smith299
ColtsZaire Franklin328
TexansBlake Cashman218Plays for Vikings Now
TitansAzeez Al-Shaair298Plays for Texans Now
JaguarsFoyesade Oluokun364
ChiefsNick Bolton116 (INJ)
RaidersRobert Spillane305
ChargersEric Kendricks259Plays for Cowboys Now
BroncosAlex Singleton328
LionsAlex Anzalone279
BearsTremaine Edmunds248
VikingsJordan Hicks220Plays for Browns Now
PackersDe'Vondre Campbell135 (INJ)Plays for 49ers Now
SaintsDemario Davis287
FalconsKaden Elliss265
PanthersFrankie Luvu276Plays for Commanders Now
BuccaneersLavonte David303
GiantsBobby Okereke338
EaglesNicholas Morrow227Plays for Bills Now
CommandersCody Barton208Plays for Broncos Now
CowboysJayron Kearse158Currently a Free Agent
SeahawksBobby Wagner340Plays for Commanders Now
49ersFred Warner315
RamsErnest Jones298
CardinalsKrys Barnes118

Who Will Wear It in 2024?

As far as the 2024 season is concerned, it’s too early to state definitely who will wear the green dot for all 32 teams, but for now, we will project who we think will be the guy. This chart will continue to be updated until the regular season begins or we confirm who all 32 players are. It’s important to note that some teams can run more than one player as they split snaps, but typically it’s a full-time player. If they aren’t projected to be a full-time player, the chart will indicate so.

2024 Projected Green Dot Defenders

TeamGreen Dot Defender
PatriotsJa'Whaun Bentley
JetsCJ Mosley
BillsTerrel Bernard
DolphinsJordyn Brooks
BrownsJordan Hicks
BengalsLogan Wilson
SteelersPatrick Queen
RavensRoquan Smith
ColtsZaire Franklin
TexansAzeez Al-Shaair
TitansCedric Gray
JaguarsFoyesade Oluokun
ChiefsNick Bolton
RaidersRobert Spillane
ChargersDenzel Perryman
BroncosAlex Singleton
LionsAlex Anzalone
BearsTremaine Edmunds
VikingsBlake Cashman
PackersQuay Walker
SaintsDemario Davis
FalconsTroy Anderson
PanthersJosey Jewell
BuccaneersLavonte David
GiantsBobby Okereke
EaglesDevin White
CommandersBobby Wagner
CowboysEric Kendricks
SeahawksJulian Love
49ersFred Warner
RamsErnest Jones
CardinalsKyzir White

What Stands Out

It’s early in the offseason and it’s too early to list any of these as a sure thing but the ones that stand out the most are the three below. If they are indeed able to land the green dot, they could be massive steals at their current ADP.

Cedric Gray, Titans

Embed from Getty Images

Gray is the only rookie who looks to be the green dot player in 2024. Gray was an excellent producer during his time at The University of North Carolina and with an ADP of LB95, outside the top 250 IDP players, he has the potential to be the IDP steal of the century.

Ja’Whaun Bentley, Patriots

Embed from Getty Images

Bentley wore the green dot last year and looks to wear it again for the Patriots. He is currently going 91st overall in IDP rankings and as LB52. A new coaching staff and a second season as the defensive play-caller should allow him to be a critical player on the Patriot’s defense. Bentley is extremely undervalued at this point.

Alex Anzalone, Lions

Embed from Getty Images

Anzalone will wear the dot for the second year in a row for the Lions and is being way underdrafted. Is the play-caller on the Lion’s defense despite being one of the smaller names. He may not be Aidan Hutchinson or Brian Branch, but at LB48, and 84th overall in IDP rankings he too could be a steal in IDP drafts.

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