Top 10 Running Back Free Agents for 2024

It’s that time of year again. The time when Franchise Tag deadlines have passed and NFL rookie fever is in full effect. Before we get to the 2024 NFL Draft and see which high-profile rookies are going to which team, let’s take a look at which veteran free agents are the best at their position. Here are the Top 10 Running Back Free Agents for 2024. For our complete list of 2024 rankings, check out our Rankings Page. Our list will include the average annual value of the player’s contract for 2023 (AAV) as well as their projected free agent market value as per

10. Antonio Gibson, WSH (Signed with NE)

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2023 Contract AAV: $5,500,000

2024 Market Value: 2 years/$6,750,391

Antonio Gibson’s multi-purpose role with the Washington Commanders has been a significant factor in his success as a dynamic playmaker in the NFL. Transitioning from his college days as a wide receiver to the running back position, Gibson has seamlessly integrated his pass-catching abilities into Washington’s offensive scheme. Utilized as both a runner and a receiver out of the backfield, Gibson has proven to be a versatile weapon capable of making plays in various ways. His combination of speed, agility, and hands make him a nightmare for opposing defenses to contain, as he can exploit matchups in both the running and passing game. With the Commanders, Gibson has showcased his ability to excel in a multi-dimensional role, serving as a valuable asset for fantasy managers and a key component of Washington’s offensive game plan.

Looking ahead to the offseason, Antonio Gibson’s potential as a free agent hinges greatly on finding the right role that maximizes his pass-catching upside as a former wide receiver. Teams in need of a versatile playmaker who can contribute to the passing game would undoubtedly express interest in Gibson’s services. If he lands in a situation that fully utilizes his skills as both a runner and a receiver, Gibson has the potential to elevate his game to new heights and become a dynamic force in the NFL.

Finding the right fit will be crucial for Gibson’s success as a free agent, as he seeks to capitalize on his unique skill set and establish himself as one of the league’s premier dual-threat running backs. With the right role and opportunity, Gibson could emerge as a game-changing talent capable of making a significant impact on his new team in the upcoming season.

9. Gus Edwards, BAL (Signed with LAC)

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2023 Contract AAV: $1,233,159

2024 Market Value: 1 year/$3,629,271

Gus Edwards has been a steady and reliable option for fantasy football managers as a running back for the Baltimore Ravens. Despite playing in a run-heavy offense that often featured Lamar Jackson‘s rushing prowess, Edwards carved out a significant role for himself, especially in standard-scoring leagues. Known for his tough running style and ability to grind out tough yards between the tackles, Edwards has been a consistent contributor, particularly in goal-line situations where he’s often been utilized to punch in touchdowns. His efficiency and reliability as a runner have made him a valuable asset for fantasy managers seeking a dependable RB2 or flex option, especially during bye weeks or injury concerns.

Moving forward, Gus Edwards’ potential fantasy football relevance could see a boost if he lands with a new team in free agency and stays healthy. While the Ravens’ offense has suited his style well, a change of scenery could present opportunities for increased volume and a more diverse role in a different offensive system. If he joins a team with a run-centric approach or one that values his pass-catching abilities more, Edwards could see an uptick in fantasy production. However, his ability to stay healthy will be crucial, as injuries have occasionally hampered his availability in the past. Nonetheless, if he finds himself in a favorable situation with a new team and can maintain his health, Edwards has the potential to become a valuable asset once again in fantasy football circles.

8. Devin Singletary, BUF (Signed with NYG)

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2023 Contract AAV: $2,750,000

2024 Market Value: 3 years/$16,199,085

Devin Singletary’s journey in fantasy football has been marked by disappointment initially, as he struggled to meet the high expectations set for him as a running back for the Buffalo Bills. Despite flashes of promise, Singletary often found himself in a timeshare with other backs, limiting his opportunities to showcase his true potential. Additionally, the emergence of Zack Moss and the occasional usage of Josh Allen as a runner further diminished Singletary’s fantasy value during his early tenure with the Bills. However, following the acquisition of a heavier workload due to injuries and improved performance, Singletary eventually managed to win the starting job from Dameon Pierce, leading to a breakout season where he exceeded expectations and demonstrated his capabilities as a lead back.

Looking ahead to the offseason, Devin Singletary’s fantasy football value could see a significant boost if he finds himself in the right offense with a heavy workload. As a free agent, Singletary may have the opportunity to join a team where he can become the primary ball carrier and receive consistent touches in both the running and passing games. In an offense that emphasizes the ground game and utilizes Singletary’s skills effectively, he has the potential to become a valuable fantasy asset once again.

A situation where he can handle a heavy workload and serve as the focal point of the offense could elevate Singletary’s fantasy stock, making him a viable option as an RB2 or flex play for fantasy managers. Nonetheless, the key to Singletary’s fantasy relevance moving forward will be landing in the right situation that allows him to maximize his talents and secure a significant role within the offense.

7. JK Dobbins, BAL

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2023 Contract AAV: $1,391,287

2024 Market Value: 2 years/$4,310,018

JK Dobbins, despite his talent, has faced considerable challenges in fantasy football due to his lengthy injury history, which has hindered his ability to consistently contribute to the Baltimore Ravens’ backfield. Battling various ailments throughout his career, Dobbins has struggled to stay on the field for prolonged periods, limiting his opportunities to showcase his skills and build momentum in fantasy leagues. While his potential remains undeniable, Dobbins’ injury-prone nature has made him a risky investment for fantasy managers, often leading to uncertainty and hesitation when considering him for starting lineups or draft selections. Despite flashes of brilliance when healthy, Dobbins’ propensity for injuries has cast doubt on his long-term viability as a fantasy asset, leaving managers wary of relying on him as a reliable contributor.

While his talent and production suggest that he could command a lucrative deal in free agency, teams may approach his signing with caution due to concerns about the longevity of running backs’ careers and the potential for injury. Nonetheless, Dobbins’ impact on the field and his value to fantasy managers ensure that he will be a highly coveted commodity if he finds a decent landing spot and can fully bounce back from yet another injury, for now, he will be a late-round dart throw.

6. D’Andre Swift, PHI (Signed with CHI)

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2023 Contract AAV: $2,134,729

2024 Market Value: 4 years/$27,153,696

D’Andre Swift’s fantasy football value has been marred by inconsistency, primarily due to his struggles with injuries during his time with the Detroit Lions. Despite flashes of brilliance and his evident talent as a dual-threat running back, Swift’s inability to stay healthy has frustrated fantasy managers and limited his production on the field. Additionally, Swift has been unlucky in some instances, such as losing out on potential touchdowns due to creative playcalling, like the Philadelphia Eagles’ infamous “tush push” play involving Jalen Hurts. These factors have contributed to Swift’s up-and-down performances and have made him a somewhat risky investment in fantasy football.

Looking ahead to free agency, D’Andre Swift’s potential value could skyrocket if he finds himself in the right situation and manages to stay healthy. As a versatile back capable of making plays both as a runner and a receiver, Swift could become a focal point of an offense that maximizes his skill set and provides him with ample opportunities to contribute. If he lands with a team that prioritizes utilizing his talents effectively and manages to avoid significant injuries, Swift could emerge as a top-tier fantasy running back, providing managers with consistent production and potentially serving as a cornerstone player for their fantasy rosters. Nonetheless, Swift’s ability to stay healthy will be paramount in determining his fantasy relevance moving forward, but in the right situation, he has the potential to become an invaluable asset for fantasy managers.

5. Austin Ekeler, LAC (Signed with WSH)

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2023 Contract AAV: $6,125,000

2024 Market Value: 3 year/$22,367,367

Austin Ekeler has been a consistent high-end fantasy asset throughout his career with the Los Angeles Chargers, earning a reputation as a dynamic dual-threat back capable of making significant contributions both as a runner and a receiver. However, concerns have arisen regarding Ekeler’s ability to maintain his elite level of play, as his heavy workload seems to have finally taken a toll on his body. Injuries have plagued Ekeler in recent seasons, disrupting his availability and impacting his performance on the field. The wear and tear of carrying a significant workload may have contributed to Ekeler’s decline, causing fantasy managers to reassess his value moving forward.

Despite the challenges Ekeler has faced, his potential remains intriguing heading into the offseason as a free agent. While his injury history and advancing age may raise red flags for some teams, Ekeler’s proven track record of success and versatility as a playmaker could still attract significant interest from organizations in need of a dynamic offensive weapon. If he lands with a team that can effectively manage his workload and keep him healthy, Ekeler still has the potential to produce at a high level, even at an advanced age and with a history of injuries. However, the key to Ekeler’s fantasy relevance moving forward will be finding the right situation that maximizes his talents while also prioritizing his health and longevity on the field.

4. Tony Pollard, DAL (Signed with TEN)

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2023 Contract AAV: $10,091,000

2024 Market Value: 2 years/$13,058,380

Tony Pollard initially gained attention and saw his fantasy football stock rise as a part-time back behind Ezekiel Elliott for the Dallas Cowboys. With limited touches, Pollard showcased his efficiency and big-play ability, often providing a spark whenever he entered the game. However, when handed a full workload last season due to Elliott moving on, Pollard struggled to maintain his effectiveness over the course of the season. The increased volume seemed to overwhelm him at times, leading to diminished production and disappointing fantasy performances. As a result, Pollard’s once-promising fantasy stock came crashing down, leaving fantasy managers disillusioned with his potential as a lead back.

Moving forward into free agency, Tony Pollard’s prospects are still intriguing if he can find the right situation that plays to his strengths and doesn’t rely on him being a high-volume workhorse. As a talented and versatile back, Pollard could thrive in an offense that utilizes him in a complementary role, allowing him to make the most of his explosiveness and versatility as a runner and receiver. If he lands with a team that employs a committee approach in the backfield or utilizes a scheme that accentuates his skill set, Pollard has the potential to bounce back and regain relevance in fantasy football circles.

3. Derrick Henry, TEN (Signed with BAL)

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2023 Contract AAV: $12,500,00

2024 Market Value: 2 years/$10,330,151

Derrick Henry has been the epitome of a workhorse back for the Tennessee Titans, shouldering an insane workload over the years and establishing himself as one of the most dominant rushers in the NFL. His imposing size, a rare blend of speed and power, and remarkable durability have made him a perennial fantasy football stud, consistently delivering elite production for fantasy managers. However, signs of Henry’s skills diminishing began to surface last season, as injuries and wear and tear seemed to catch up with the bruising running back. Despite his incredible resilience, there were moments when Henry appeared to struggle, raising concerns about his long-term viability as a top-tier fantasy asset.

As Henry enters free agency, there’s still potential for him to milk the last of his talents if he finds the right opportunity with a contender focused on chasing a Super Bowl ring. While his workload and age may be factors to consider, Henry’s proven track record of success and unparalleled skill set could make him an enticing option for teams in need of a dynamic playmaker in the backfield.

By joining a team with a strong offensive line and a balanced offensive scheme, Henry could continue to thrive and contribute at a high level, while also providing veteran leadership and playoff experience to help propel his new team toward championship contention. If he lands in the right situation that maximizes his talents and manages his workload effectively, Henry has the potential to make a significant impact and further solidify his legacy as one of the NFL’s all-time great running backs.

2. Josh Jacobs, LV (Signed with GB)

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2023 Contract AAV: $11,791,000

2024 Market Value: 4 years/$42,721,176

Josh Jacobs has shown flashes of brilliance during his time with the Las Vegas Raiders, but his performances have been marked by inconsistency. While he’s demonstrated his ability to be a workhorse back and produce impressive numbers at times, Jacobs has also struggled with injuries and periods of ineffectiveness. The constant changes in the coaching staff and offensive systems in Las Vegas have likely contributed to Jacobs’ up-and-down performances, preventing him from fully unlocking his potential as a top-tier running back in the NFL and for fantasy managers.

A change of scenery in free agency could be exactly what Josh Jacobs needs to rejuvenate his career and unlock his full potential. Moving to a new team with a stable coaching staff and a clear offensive identity could provide Jacobs with the consistency and support he needs to thrive. By joining a team with a strong offensive line and a scheme that plays to his strengths, Jacobs could emerge as a dynamic playmaker and a reliable fantasy asset once again. A fresh start away from the rebuilding Raiders could be the catalyst for Jacobs to finally realize his full potential and establish himself as one of the premier running backs in the league, providing fantasy managers with a valuable contributor for their rosters.

1. Saquon Barkley, NYG (Signed with PHI)

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2023 Contract AAV: $10,091,000

2024 Market Value: 3 years/$29,928,690

Saquon Barkley has delivered league-winning fantasy seasons for the New York Giants with his electrifying performances, showcasing his rare combination of speed, power, and agility. In his breakout rookie season, Barkley established himself as one of the most dynamic playmakers in the league, racking up yards and touchdowns at an impressive rate while also contributing as a receiver out of the backfield. However, Barkley’s career has been plagued by injuries, derailing his momentum and preventing him from reaching his full potential as a fantasy superstar. Despite flashes of brilliance when healthy, Barkley’s struggles with durability have left fantasy managers frustrated and uncertain about his long-term value.

The New York Giants’ decision to opt away from franchise tagging Saquon Barkley underscores the uncertainty surrounding his future. While Barkley’s talent is undeniable, his injury history and the significant financial commitment of the franchise tag make it a risky proposition for the Giants. However, Barkley could still provide fantasy value on a new team if he were to find the right situation in free agency this offseason. By joining a team with a more consistent offense, Barkley could regain his status as a top-tier fantasy asset and fulfill his potential as one of the premier running backs in the league. If he can stay healthy and land in a favorable situation, Barkley has the talent and ability to once again become a league-winning player for fantasy managers.

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