2024 Dynasty Fantasy Football- A View to a Pick (1.03)

The much anticipated NFL Draft is now a thing of the past and rookie draft season is in full swing. For most fantasy players, their draft is the best part of the season. If you aren’t prepared though, this enjoyable experience can quickly become overwhelming. There is no truer time than in rookie drafts where many fantasy managers are unfamiliar with a large portion of the rookie pool. A View to a Pick is here to help you by guiding you through a typical 3-round Rookie Draft to see which players they chose, and what some pivot options could be.

So, let’s look at A View to a Pick (1.03). Below is the Sleeper Draft Board from our mock draft, featuring Aaron St. Denis, Jeremy Shulman, SC Romero, and Jesse Moeller. The was a superflex, tight-end premium draft.

A View to a Pick Mock Draft

Rookie Pick 1.03

Jesse Selects: Jayden Daniels Sr, Quarterback, LSU.

I’m confident in Daniels’ ability to generate fantasy points, which is why I chose him at the 1.03. He’s my second-ranked player in rookie drafts. Although people often discuss the ceiling with rushing quarterbacks, the truth is they provide some of the highest floors a quarterback can give you. If Daniels realizes his full potential, he will deliver game-breaking fantasy football upside. With Daniels being a top 3 pick in the NFL Draft, he is as insulated as a rookie quarterback can be. Have no fear drafting him inside the top 3 rookie picks in Superflex rookie drafts.

The 1.03 pick is a great spot to be in this year’s draft, as you have the opportunity to choose from a range of high-end players such as quarterbacks Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, Drake Maye, and J.J. McCarthy, wide receivers Marvin Harrison Jr., Malik Nabers, Rome Odunze, or tight end Brock Bowers in tight end premium drafts. Any of these players are a great choice, as the talent pool for the top 8 rookie picks is exceptionally high this year.

Superflex Trade Targets

QB- Kyler Murray, Cardinals (6,694)

RB- Christian McCaffrey, 49ers (6,598)

WR- A.J. Brown, Eagles (6,647)

TE- Sam Laporta, Lions (6,719)

Superflex Rookie Pivots

QB- Drake Maye, Patriots

RB- None

WR- Marvin Harrison Jr, Cardinals

TE- Brock Bowers, Raiders

All player values according to Keep Trade Cut.

Rookie Pick 2.03

Jesse Selects: Xavier Legette, Wide Receiver, South Carolina.

I enjoy this part of the draft. Some people believe there is a drop-off, but I couldn’t disagree more. You get the end of my tier 3 of rookie players. Instead of moving up, let the board play out and select the player that falls to you. I was happy to select Legette because of his skills in the Dave Canales Carolina offense, which will be fun to watch.

Legette is a high-risk, high-reward rookie draft pick who landed in practically the perfect spot. Outside of Diontae Johnson, that team needs another playmaker, and in year one, we could see him step into that role. He offers a wide range of outcomes, but I am happy to bet on the talent at pick 2.03 of rookie drafts.

Superflex Trade Targets

QB- Matthew Stafford, Rams (3,290)

RB- Javonte Williams, Broncos (3,389)

WR- Amari Cooper, Browns (3,462)

TE- George Kittle, Browns (3.449)

Superflex Rookie Pivots

QB- Michael Penix Jr, Falcons

RB- Trey Benson, Cardinals

WR- Ricky Pearsall, 49ers

TE- Ben Sinnott, Commanders

Rookie Pick 3.03

Jesse Selects Malachi Corley, Wide Receiver, Western Kentucky.

With how deep this rookie class is in talent, the 3.03 feels much better than in previous years. Getting a rookie with a path to being the #2 option in an Aaron Rodgers-led offense would not be available this late in most rookie drafts. Corley is a YAC specialist who will fill the role of a Jets team that needs someone who thrives in the underneath and intermediate of the field. Which pairs perfectly with Croley’s skillset.

The hit rate for players picked in the third round of rookie drafts is less than 10%. Therefore, it’s not necessary to stress too much about getting your preferred player in this range of the draft. Instead, it’s important to focus on rookies who have a clear path to playing time. Malachi Corley, while having a fairly risky profile, is one such player who offers at least the minimum guarantee of playing time, along with some additional potential for much more.

Superflex Trade Targets

QB- Derek Carr, Saints (2,715)

RB- James Conner, Cardinals (2,653)

WR- Deandre Hopkins, Titans (2,655)

TE- Dallas Goedert, Eagles (2,790)

Superflex Rookie Pivots

QB- Spencer Rattler, Saints

RB- Marshawn Lloyd, Packers

WR- Javon Baker, Patriots

TE- Ja’Tavion Sanders, Panthers

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