2024 Dynasty Fantasy Football- A View to a Pick (1.10)

The much anticipated NFL Draft is now a thing of the past and rookie draft season is in full swing. For most fantasy players, their draft is the best part of the season. If you aren’t prepared though, this enjoyable experience can quickly become overwhelming. There is no truer time than in rookie drafts where many fantasy managers are unfamiliar with a large portion of the rookie pool. A View to a Pick is here to help you by guiding you through a typical 3-round Rookie Draft to see which players they chose, and what some pivot options could be.

So, let’s take a look at A View to a Pick (1.10). Below is the Sleeper Draft Board from our mock draft which will feature Aaron St. Denis, Jeremy Shulman, SC Romero, and Jesse Moeller. The was a superflex, tight-end premium draft.

A View to a Pick Mock Draft

Rookie Pick 1.10

Aaron Selects Jonathon Brooks, Running Back, Texas.

The run of quarterbacks and wide receivers has come to a close and with Brock Bowers already off the board it seemed like a good time for me to take the easy RB1 off the board. Jonathon Brooks was the only running back selected in the second round and with him going to easily the best landing spot he is the only running back that is going to go anywhere near the first round of rookie drafts.

At this point in the first round, the question becomes do I take the first running back or venture into the second tier of receivers? Some fantasy managers, would choose to draft one of Xavier Worthy or Ladd CmConkey, but I feel that the RB1 is a far safer investment than a receiver who is at best a 50/50 bust candidate.

Superflex Trade Targets

QB- Justin Herbert, Chargers (7,759)

RB- Jahmyr Gibbs, Lions (7,058)

WR- Puka Nacua, Rams (7,049)

TE- Sam Laporta, Lions (7,368)

Superflex Rookie Pivots

QB- Jayden Daniels, Commanders

RB- None

WR- Malik Nabers, Giants

TE- Brock Bowers, Raiders

All player values according to Keep Trade Cut.

Rookie Pick 2.10

Aaron Selects Adonai Mitchell, Wide Receiver, Texas.

I unintentionally doubled down on Texas Longhorns with this pick and that certainly wasn’t my intention, but rather a case where the value was too good to pass up. Mitchell was another huge post-draft faller as he slipped in the draft and landed with the New England Patriots which is less than ideal. While this landing spot is less than ideal in the sense that the patriot’s offense is likely to be poor, it does present him with plenty of opportunity to win the WR1 role with no real established receivers on the roster.

Mitchell is a case of trusting in his talent and hoping that he can beat out sophomore receiver Demario Douglas and fellow rookie receiver Javon Baker. The three receivers would all seem to be on a level playing field and if rookie quarterback Drake Maye can prove to be serviceable as a rookie, this could be an excellent value on Mitchell.

Superflex Trade Targets

QB- Will Levis, Titans (3,720)

RB- D’Andre Swift, Bears (3,648)

WR- Stefon Diggs, Bills (3,718)

TE- David Njoku, Browns (3,789)

Superflex Rookie Pivots

QB- Michael Penix Jr, Falcons

RB- Trey Benson, Cardinals

WR- Troy Franklin, Broncos

TE- Ben Sinnott, Commanders

Rookie Pick 3.10

Aaron Selects Kimani Vidal, Running Back, Troy.

Vidal is my favorite value of the season. He has excellent speed and agility and after landing on a Los Angeles Chargers squad that has plenty of room to make a name for himself, he could be a steal.

The Chargers have only the aging Gus Edwards and injury-recovering JK Dobbins on the running back depth chart which presents Vidal with a unique opportunity to win himself a starting running back role early on in his rookie season. There is no guarantee that Vidal can win this job, but the name of the game in the third round of rookie drafts is a pathway to touches, and this situation screams touch potential.

Superflex Trade Targets

QB- Gardner Minshew, Raiders (2,451)

RB- Roschon Johnson, Bears (2,462)

WR- Mike Williams (2,423)

TE- Chigoziem Okonkwo (2,456)

Superflex Rookie Pivots

QB- Spencer Rattler, Saints

RB- Kimani Vidal, Chargers

WR- Jermaine Burton, Bengals

TE- Theo Johnson, Giants

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