Defensive Back Stock Up/Stock Down (2024 NFL Combine Edition)

Now that the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine has concluded, let’s look at the immediate ramifications it had on the values of the incoming rookie class. This is Defensive Back Stock Up/Stock Down (2024 Combine Edition). It is a seven-part series covering the pertinent risers and fallers of the combine. If you want to see how these changes are reflected in our rookie rankings, check out our Rankings Page. This series will not feature offensive linemen since they are not part of the fantasy football landscape. If you want to see the testing numbers for the offensive lineman, they are available at

Stock Up

Max Melton, Rutgers

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Max Melton RAS Score via Kent Lee Platte

Max Melton is fast, Max melton is really, really fast. To see a cornerback run a 4.39 40-yard Dash is impressive. Factor in elite scores on both the 20-yard Split and 10-yard Split and you have an elite defender who is nearly impossible to beat by even the speediest receiver. Not only did he blow the speed tests out of the water, but his explosion grades were also elite. His Vertical Jump and Broad Jump were among the best at the position and show just how athletic he truly is.

He checked in slightly undersized for a cornerback, which is a concern, but if he were taller he would likely be a wide receiver and not a corner. Nowadays a 5’11” and 187 lbs corner is not out of the norm, so I don’t anticipate it being an issue. Melton has elite physical attributes and could be a great sleeper if he lands in the right situation. One thing is certain, Melton sent his draft stock soaring with this performance.

Cam Hart, Notre Dame

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Cam Hart RAS Score via Kent Lee Platte

Cam Hart was the other significant riser at defensive back during the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine. He was much further down the draft board for me and wasn’t a player I had drafted in IDP rookie mocks or even paid much attention to. Hart is now firmly on the radar in IDP leagues and demonstrates a solid potential with his testing numbers. He weighed-in at 6’3″ and 202 lbs, a monster of a man as far as cornerbacks are concerned. Hart’s explosiveness testing was also elite in both the Vertical Jump and Broad Jump.

He didn’t fair as well in speed testing, but was still good. For a corner of his massive size, it’s not a huge issue that he is not elite speedwise. Running a 4.50 40-yard Dash is still very good for a corner of his size. While he may not have breakaway speed, he still has more than enough speed to keep up with all but the elite level speed receivers. His combinations of good speed and elite size instantly puts Hart on the board in IDP leagues everywhere.

Stock Down

Kamren Kinchens, Miami (FL)

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Kamren Kinchens RAS Score via Kent Lee Platte

Kamren Kinchens was high up my draft board and in the conversation in the elite group of rookie safeties. He is still in my top-five, but after his poor showing at the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine he is now closer to S5 than he is S1. Kinchens will now find himself somewhere in the second-tier of defensive backs with Ennis Rakestraw Jr, who we will discuss below. Both are still players with elite potential, but the analytics from this weekend were not encouraging.

His size was okay at 5’11” and 203 lbs, but it’s his speed that was a major concern. While his 4.65 second 40-yard Dash is not a major deterrent, he was expected to be much faster, particularly for a player under 6-fett tall. He also lacks any significant explosiveness results, opting to skip the Vertical Jump while putting up a poor result in the Broad Jump.

Ennis Rakestraw Jr, Missouri

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Ennis Rakestraw Jr RAS Score via Kent Lee Platte

After the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine, Ennis Rakestraw Jr, another defensive back from my top tier, falls to the second tier. Like Kinchens, he’s undersized at 5’11” and 183 lbs, susceptible to being overpowered. Although not slow, he was expected to be faster. A 4.54-second 40-yard Dash for a slender player is disappointing.

While none of his testing scores were poor, he was seen as a contender for the CB1 spot. However, this is no longer the case. There’s still potential for success, but his overall ceiling is slightly lower. Without elite speed, he’ll need to bulk up and become a more versatile corner. Despite this, his ranking will likely decline after this weekend.

The RAS Score data is from and was the result of the hard work of Kent Lee Platte aka Math Bomb.

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