Devy Diamond: Shedeur Sanders

Devy Diamonds: Shedeur Sanders

Welcome to Devy Diamonds: Shedeur Sanders, a quarterback from Colorado University. Sanders was a 3-star prospect from Trinity Christian School in Cedar Hill, Texas. He originally committed to Jackson State University in November of 2020. Shedeur Sanders played at Jackson State for 2 seasons before he entered the transfer portal. In December of 2022, he transferred to Colorado University.

Through 2 seasons at Jackson State University Sanders led his team with 6,900 yards passing and 68.4% completion. He had 70 touchdowns to 14 interceptions in that span. The struggle was he got sacked too many times as he would hold onto the ball too long. Shedeur got sacked a total of 58 times through those 2 seasons.

He transferred to Colorado for his junior season. Shedeur threw with better accuracy posting 69.3%. He had 3,230 passing yards with 27 touchdowns. Shedeur displayed his accuracy by only throwing 3 interceptions all season. The bad part was the sacks still followed. Sanders obtained a career-high in sacks during his junior season with 52 total. The team chose to go a different route with their offensive coordinator for whatever reason. This was bad news for Shedeur. In his first 5 weeks with Colorado Sanders threw for over 300 yards in 4 games. However, after the switch came in the final 5 weeks Sanders only threw for over 300 passing yards once.

2024 Outlook: What to Expect

The Colorado Buffalo completely rebuilt their offensive line. They brought in a whole new regime with one goal in mind. Protect Shedeur Sanders. Plus, they brought in a few more wide receivers. Receivers like Vanderbilt’s Will Shepard. Hopefully, Shepard can take some eyes off two-way player Travis Hunter. This could allow the offense to open up a little more for Sanders. Shedeur needs to start the season off like he did last year averaging 356.2 yards per game passing. If he can then there is a world where he throws for over 4,000 yards. On the other hand, the issue was not the start, but rather the finish. His decision-making is not an issue as he had a 9:1 touchdown to interception ratio. He does hold the ball too long at times, but hopefully with better protection that will not be an issue.

Shedeur Sanders, Colorado


  • Legacy prospect. Although his father played a different position he still knows the game of football. Football has been his whole life.
  • Ability to extend plays. He can escape the pressure and lead his receivers to open zones to complete the pass.
  • Maintains composure when the pocket crumbles. He stands confidently in a collapsing pocket and still makes effective throws while scanning the field.
  • Quick release, when he locks onto his receiver he gets the ball out quickly.
  • Efficient in short & intermediate throws. Has the accuracy to throw and hit his targets in tight spaces.
  • Natural leader. Leads his team downfield in crucial moments and gets his guys to rally behind him.
  • Toughness. Nobody got sacked more than Shedeur in 2023. He takes hit after hit and gets up, shakes it off, and moves forward continuing to lead his team.

Areas of Improvement

  • Holds the ball way too long. Yes, he extends the play, but at times he just runs around in the backfield doing nothing. He rather take the sack for 10-15 yards deep than throw the ball away to ruin his completion percentage.
  • Not a dual threat. He uses his feet, but would rather pass the ball than pick up yards with his feet. At times the lane is there for him, yet he chooses not to run to pick up a few yards.
  • Arm strength. His short & intermediate throws are with precision. But when throwing deep passes he is a bit more inconsistent. His accuracy down the field will raise some concerns.
  • Ball security. He runs with the ball loosely not securing it under his arm, but more so with his hand having a full grasp on it. 24 career fumbles. 5 fumbles last season.

Draft Stock: Eligible 2025

Consensus Projected Draft Capital: Top 10 Pick

Personal Projected Draft Capital: Day 2 Pick

Ideal Landing Spot: San Francisco 49ers

Earlier this year Coach Prime (Deion Sanders, Shedeur’s father) said Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter will be top 4 picks. Honestly, if Travis Hunter enters the draft as a defensive back then I believe that statement. For Travis Hunter. I am a big Shedeur Sanders fan. I had him as my QB1 during the 2023 season. After dissecting his tape and watching other quarterbacks in his class I have moved him down. Shedeur has untapped talent that can skyrocket him into a top 4 pick.

I do think Coach Prime is slightly biased when he says his son will be a top 4 pick. Right now I have the 5 worst teams in 2024 as Las Vegas Raiders, New York Giants, New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, and Denver Broncos. Coach Prime says top 4, but I do not think my projected bottom 5 teams are any that would select Shedeur next season. I believe there will be other quarterbacks that fit what those teams want in their offensive leader. This leads me to Shedeur’s “Prime” (no pun intended) landing spot.

Currently Brock Purdy is the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. As of right now, his contract is set to expire after the 2025 season meaning a contract extension would be needed soon. Purdy has done enough to keep his job through his rookie contract, but not enough to grant an extension. That is in my opinion. I do not think Shedeur is pro-ready, but I do think he has the fundamentals that could lead him to a potential franchise quarterback.

So, if he joins a team like the 49ers and competes with Purdy all off-season I believe that will benefit him more than getting the starting job right away. The 49ers run a smooth offensive scheme where short and intermediate passes are effective. Get the ball to your playmakers. A system that would allow Shedeur to flourish. Right now, I think Shedeur Sanders is more on a trajectory like Malik Willis rather than Jayden Daniels. The hype is there, but unlike Jayden Daniels, the hype will be false hope that pushes Sanders into a day 2 pick like Malik Willis.

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