NFL Survivor Pool Guide: Super Bowl 58

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An NFL survivor pool is a wonderful thing. Much like sports betting, it gives casual fans something to cheer for when they don’t have the time for fantasy sports. As simple as it sounds to pick one winner each week, there is a lot more that you must consider. Each week, I will discuss point spreads, ownership rates, injuries, and weather. This will help you decide which team you should choose for your pool. I’ll offer a multi-faceted approach that will give you several options for each week. These options are based on your level of risk tolerance. This is My NFL Survivor Pool Guide: Super Bowl 58 Edition.

As a side note: The Fantasy Football Universe also runs an NFL Survivor Pool as a control group. You can find the group here to follow along. I will refer to the pool in this series and will provide updates to show how we are personally playing each week. After all, you can’t trust our advice if we don’t follow it ourselves.

The Heavy Favorites

San Francisco 49ers, 49.57% ownership (-2.5) vs. Kansas City Chiefs, 50.43% ownership: The 49ers have been arguably the best or second-best team in the NFL all season long. With the Ravens being defeated by the Chiefs, this leaves the 49ers as the supreme favorite in the Super Bowl. Talent-wise, they are easily the better team, the question is, can they overcome the mystique of Patrick Mahomes? Risk= 9

The Sneaky Value Picks

None this week.

The Upset Specials

Kansas City Chiefs, 50.43% ownership (+2.5) vs. San Francisco 49ers, 49.57% ownership: As I stated above, the 49ers are likely the better team in every facet except for quarterback. Patrick Mahomes at quarterback is the great equalizer though and could prove to be all the Chiefs need to win their second consecutive Super Bowl. Risk = 9

The Must Avoids

None this week.

Super Bowl 48- Aaron’s Picks

The Safe Play: San Francisco 49ers

The Sneaky Play: Kansas City Chiefs

The Longshot: None

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