Quarterback Stock Up/Stock Down (2024 NFL Combine Edition)

Now that the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine has concluded, let’s look at the immediate ramifications it had on the values of the incoming rookie class. This is Quarterback Stock Up/Stock Down (2024 Combine Edition). It is a seven-part series covering the pertinent risers and fallers of the combine. If you want to see how these changes are reflected in our rookie rankings, check out our Rankings Page. This series will not feature offensive linemen since they are not part of the fantasy football landscape. If you want to see the testing numbers for the offensive lineman, they are available at NFL.com.

Stock Up

Michael Pratt, Tulane

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Michael Pratt RAS Score via Kent Lee Platte

Michael Pratt was a modest winner on a lackluster quarterback combine day. Only a handful of quarterbacks chose to participate in the events with most of the top-end quarterbacks skipping the event. His weigh-in was nothing to write home about but he is certainly big enough to be an NFL quarterback. As far as on-field testing is concerned, he didn’t participate in the 40-yard Dash or 10-yard Split so it’s tough to get a full gauge on his speed, which is expected to be average at best. His Vertical Jump was one of the better ones in the quarterback group as was his 20-yard Split and his Broad Jumps and 3-cone Drill were both above average.

He looked good during the on-field throwing sessions and though his testing results were not groundbreaking, they were good enough to put him on the fantasy radar. He doesn’t have the profile to be the QB1 off the board but there is certainly a path to a Mr. Irrelevant path to production here. I don’t want to say he is this year’s version of Brock Purdy, but it’s the comparison I feel most closely fits.

Kedon Slovis, BYU

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Kedon Slovis RAS Score via Kent Lee Platte

Kedon Slovis was one of the more impressive quarterbacks to run through the drills. His Vertical and Broad Jump were both elite and near perfect and demonstrated his explosiveness. His speed drills were elite as well and he put up great numbers on the 40-yard Dash, 10-yard Split, and 20-yard Split. These measurements show his elite combination of speed and explosiveness. The only measurables from this week that he didn’t score elite was his size. He checks in at 6’2″ and 223 lbs, which while not elite, is still very good.

At times, Slovis struggled during the throwing sessions. He didn’t look terrible by any means but his arm strength and accuracy were just the middle of the pack. While his lack of arm talent will limit his overall ranking, he has loads of potential in the event he can develop as a passer. His speed and athleticism give him tons of untapped potential.

Stock Down

Sam Hartman, Notre Dame

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Sam Hartman RAS Score via Kent Lee Platte

Sam Hartman had a rough day at the combine. The lone highlight for him might have been his beautiful flowing hair as he ran the 40-yard Dash. Aside from that, he didn’t show much. His on-field throwing session was a mixed bag of him making and missing throws. His unspectacular throwing session was not a deal-breaker, but with his poor testing numbers, it will undoubtedly drop him to either a late Day 3 pick or an undrafted free agent.

The testing numbers were the real problem here. At 6’1″ and 211 lbs he isn’t tiny, but he’s below average in size. He also checked in well below average on the explosive metrics. His Vertical Jump and Broad Jump are both troubling and show that he lacks size and explosiveness in any usable fashion. His agility and speed scores were good, but as one of the smaller quarterbacks in the class, he should have been better. A 4.80 time on the 40-yard Dash was less than ideal as were his 20-yard Split and 10-yard split times. Once again, his agility scores were also average. The theme here is average. Average arm strength, paired with average talent and average size. He is likely to be a career backup at best.

Spencer Rattler, South Carolina

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Spencer Rattler RAS via Kent Lee Platte

For all the hype that swirled around Spencer Rattler after an impressive 2024 Reese’s Senior Bowl, it quickly died off in the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine. At 6’0″ and 211 lbs, he checks in on the very poor size of the weigh-in which is sub-optimal. His speed grades were also poor. A 4.88 second time on the 40-yard Dash is even slower than Hartman’s time and shows he has even less upside as a rusher. His agility numbers were either bad or skipped altogether. He was slow on the 20-yard Split and 10-yard Split and opted against the 3-cone Drill and Shuttle run.

The best score he posted in any drill was a 32.0″ Broad Jump which was slightly above average. He did flash some talent at times in the on-field throwing portion but in the end, his lack of high-end arm talent is going to be compounded by his testing numbers and will leave him in the same range as Hartman in the back half of Day 3 at the 2024 NFL Draft.

The RAS Score data is from ras.football and was the result of the hard work of Kent Lee Platte aka Math Bomb.

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