Running Back Stock Up/Stock Down (2024 NFL Combine Edition)

Now that the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine has concluded, let’s look at the immediate ramifications it had on the values of the incoming rookie class. This is Running Back Stock Up/Stock Down (2024 Combine Edition). It is a seven-part series covering the pertinent risers and fallers of the combine. If you want to see how these changes are reflected in our rookie rankings, check out our Rankings Page. This series will not feature offensive linemen since they are not part of the fantasy football landscape. If you want to see the testing numbers for the offensive lineman, they are available at

Stock Up

Jaylen Wright, Tennessee

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Jaylen Wright RAS Score via Kent Lee Platte

Jaylen Wright was easily one of the biggest winners from the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine. He did exactly what everyone expected him to do, he ran a blistering 4.38 second 40-yard Dash. You might be wondering why his stock rose so much if he did what was expected of him. That’s easy, while he met his expectations, there were several running backs above him in the rankings who fell well short and will see their stock plummet. Those players are noted below.

He is still not going to rise enough to see his stock rise into the top tier of running backs, but his combine performance saw him go from a late-round dart throw to a runner who will be consistently drafted on the 2/3 turn. At one point, not too long ago, he wasn’t even on the list of rookies on Sleeper. So, to go from an obscure player off the radar to a potential RB5 in this class is a massive uptick in value. Wright’s speed could easily see him emulate DeVon Achane if he were to land in the right situation.

Trey Benson, Florida State

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Trey Benson RAS Score vis Kent Lee Platte

Trey Benson is the other running back to see his stock skyrocket on the back of a monster 40-yard Dash time. The only difference between him and Wright is that Benson was already in the top tier of rookie running backs. His impressive numbers, combined with Audric Estime and Bucky Irving‘s struggling have put some separation at the top of the running back draft board and seem to have split tier-one into tier 1A and 1B.

Estime and Irving have now dropped down a tier, with Blake Corum, Braleon Allen, Jonathon Brooks, and Trey Benson seemingly cementing themselves as the top group. For many analysts, including myself, Benson is now firmly my RB1 in rookie rankings and was the clear winner from this running back group. Every one of his speed drills graded out as elite, with his loan negative being a poor Vertical Jump score. In the end, the vert score is nowhere near enough to see him lose the RB1 spot.

Stock Down

Bucky Irving, Oregon

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Bucky Irving RAS Score via Kent Lee Platte

Bucky Irving was one of the two running backs who had a catastrophic showing and dropped out of the top-tier of backs. He weighed in on the very poor side at 5’9″ and 192 lbs, which wouldn’t be an issue, if he had ran as fast as projected. The issue is that he ran significantly slower than the other potentially elite running backs. His 40-yard Dash time wasn’t terrible by any means and was a decent 4.55 seconds, but it was disappointing. For a running back of his size to test this poorly in the speed and explosiveness metrics and skip the agility testing is a terrible sign for a once highly touted player.

As I stated above, Irving had crept up into the top-tier of running backs with some analysts having him as high as RB1. That won’t be the case moving forward as he is likely to fall into the final rounds of rookie drafts. Irving could still be saved by draft capital, but with analytics like these, that appears to be unlikely. He should now be viewed in the range of RB10-12 rather than top-six. A disappointing turn of events to say the least.

Audric Estime, Notre Dame

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Audric Estime RAS Score via Kent Lee Platte

Audric Estime didn’t perform as poorly as Irving, but he also disappointed, leading to a drop in value. Initially considered in the top tier of running backs, he’ll now settle in the second tier. He outweighs Irving but lacks speed. Estime’s 40-yard Dash time of 4.71 was lower than expected. Standing at 5’11” and 221 lbs, he’s seen as more of a thumper than a speedster.

Despite demonstrating elite explosiveness in the Vertical Jump and Broad Jump, his speed grades were average. Estime will likely fall outside the top five due to his lack of speed but should remain comfortably in the top ten due to his size. He chose to skip agility testing, reinforcing the expectation of him being a bruising back rather than a shifty one. While there’s potential in the right role, his lack of speed will significantly limit his draft capital and upside.

The RAS Score data is from and was the result of the hard work of Kent Lee Platte aka Math Bomb.

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